Announcements:  Wedding, Baby, Baptism, Graduation, Etc.

Cards: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Any Holiday, Any Occasion

Invites: Baby Shower, Baptism, Birthday, Any

Flyers: Businesses, Boutiques, BBQ's, etc.

Banners: Conferences, Business Events, Markets, etc.

Logos: New business, re-design, etc.

Business Cards & More 

Announcements: Let me design it, you print it.

Design fee- $25.00  I will design your announcement for $25. Fee includes 2 designs and 2 revisions of the design chosen. Then $5 more per revision after first 2.

Printing- I can suggest places to print your announcement/card or you can print it wherever you'd like. I can do the printing if you want. Please see price list for more information.

Size- I need a specified size before beginning (4x6, 5x5 5x7, 6x7.5, 4x8).  If the size is changed during the process, there will be a $5 fee. I can create basically any size. Just let me know what size you want.

How does it work? 

You email me pictures (or get them to me somehow), specify the size you want them and I'll start the designing. Send me as many pictures as you would like on the announcement/invite/card and I'll design the card in a uinique way including all your pictures. (Keep in mind, the more pictures on the invite, the smaller they will be.) 

I'll design the announcement and send it to you.
I accept cash, check or paypal. 

I look forward to designing your special announcement/invite/card.